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1. What size pizza do you offer?
We have 7 inch (Personal), 11 inch (Small), 13 inch (Medium), and 17 inch (Large) pizzas.
2. Are your ingredients fresh?
Yes! We pride ourselves in freshly cutting vegetables each morning, and making our dough from scratch each day.
3. What type of crust do you offer (thin crust or deep dish)?
We sell only thin crust on our pizzas, and our dough is always made fresh each morning.
4. Do you sell pizza by the slice?
No, but we offer "personal size" 7 inch pizza
5. Do you sell alcoholic beverags at Elm's Pizza?
No, We do however offer an assortment of fountain, bottle, and canned soft drinks. We also offer tea and lemonade.
6. Do you deliver? Is there a charge?
Yes we offer delivery and charge $2 per order. See the delivery page for our delivery radius
7. If I get a delivery, can I pay with a credit card over the phone?
We accept credit card payment over the phone for a delivery or pickup. All the information will will need is the card number, expiration date, and name
8. Do you deliver during the day at all?
Call ahead, but we do make exceptions for large orders.
9. Do you take reservations?
Yes, please call us ahead to reserve a spot for you.
10. Do you take credit cards?
We accept Visa and Mastercard
11. Are you hiring?
We are always looking for great employees, but currently we have nothing available. Please check back frequently for employment opportunities.
12. Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! For any amount. Just stop in or contact us by phone to get a gift certificate mailed to you or someone special.
13. Do you offer large group discounts?
Yes! Please contact Manager Tammy Williams to discuss details and pricing.
14. Do you offer "school" and "university" discounts on your pizzas?
Yes! Please contact Manager Tammy Williams for pricing and if your event is eligible.
15. Do you ever do "pizza making" tours for groups of children?
Yes, we have done a lot of Scout Troop events, and offer "pizza making" tours upon request. Please set those up with Manager Tammy Williams 2-3 weeks before you would like to do a group event.